OCM offers private instruction in violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and harp. Students receive once weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons. The school is open seven days a week and private lessons are available on both weekdays and weekends. Private instruction is offered for students ages 3 to 18. OCM also offers lessons for adults through our adult program. Correct technique and musicality are emphasized from the earliest stages of learning. Students are required to practice regularly. Regular practice in addition to a highly qualified teacher is a key to success.

Very young children are taught through a variety of methods designed to promote music reading from the beginning stages and correct fundamental techniques. Older children, as well as advanced students are taught correct technique through a regimen of scales, exercises, and etudes, and expressive musicality through a carefully chosen solo repertoire.

All students are highly encouraged to perform in our OCM Student Recitals. Through student recitals, young musicians develop performing skills, address the issues of stage fright and present the repertoire they have been preparing during the semester. Students also have a chance to listen to other students and learn from their performances. Young, beginning students are encouraged to perform at recitals as early as possible in order to acquaint themselves with playing in front of an audience.

 For more information and to sign up, please visit the Inquiries page.

Fall Recitals

  • Saturday, November 23

  • Sunday, November 24

  • Location: TBD

End of Semester Juries

  • To be played by every student at OCM, optional for adult students

  • Juries include: scale, Etude (exercise), solo piece (specifics determined by private teacher, amount of music prepared dependent upon students skill level)

  • There will be no grades. Each student will receive a critique sheet of their jury performance from select OCM faculty.

  • Juries are meant to be an assessment of each student’s progress

  • Juries will be scheduled throughout December on a student by student/studio by studio basis