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Group Lesson Details

  • Designed for students currently enrolled in a public school orchestra program

  • Classes are meant to: enhance the students playing skills by providing a proper and in-depth fundamental set up and technique, help with current orchestra music, enhance technique with scales, exercises, and ensemble performance

  • 4 students from the same school, class, section per each group class

  • Designed for students unable to afford private lessons,  currently not taking private lessons with any teacher, or not ready/interested in more serious private studies

  • Students receive the opportunity to study with Oklahoma City’s top musicians and teachers

  • Group lessons faculty includes

    • Dr. Marat Gabdullin: violin, Assistant Concertmaster, Oklahoma City Philharmonic

    • Royce McLarry: violin, viola, Principal Violist, Oklahoma City Philharmonic

    • Dr. Betty Yuan: viola, Section Violist, Oklahoma City Philharmonic

    • Angelika Machnik-Jones: cello, Section Cellist, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, OCM Director

    • Dr.Christine Craddock: double bass, Section Bassist, Oklahoma City Philharmonic

  •  Students need to enroll and commit into an entire semester of classes, so that an optimal number of 4 students per class is always maintained

  • Students need to attend every class. If unable to attend a class, payment will not be refunded for the missed class.

  • Detailed schedule of classes will be determined by the students/teachers possible availabilities

  • 2 classes in September, 4 classes in October, 4 classes in November, no classes in December, which makes a total of 10 classes during the Fall 2019 semester, with a total fee of $200 for the Fall semester. Each class is one hour long.