OCM is inspired by the Eastern European performing arts teaching system.  The school creates an all-around musical experience for students and provides full immersion into the world of classical music.  Students have the opportunity to take private lessons from the best teachers in the Metro area.  Once a student decides to study at OCM, they become a part of their desired studio and therefore a part of the OCM family.  Each teacher is fully committed to their studio of students.  OCM's goal is for each student to reach their highest potential of playing.

Students are also encouraged to participate in OCM's other programs.  The Chamber Music Program  provides the students with the opportunity to be a part of a string quartet, piano trio or other small ensemble.  In this program, students can play music together with their peers while learning import ensemble skills. 

OCM Chamber Orchestra Is a string orchestra comprised of the schools best players.  Here students learn new challenging repertoire as well as the fine skills of large ensemble playing.  Entrance to this orchestra is by audition only.

 The Academic Music Program is comprised of a set of classes meant to enrich students knowledge of music outside of their instruments, provide a deeper understanding of musical structure and train listening and reactive skills.  The classes include ear training / theory and music history.